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Video depositions for every day of the week.

Video depositions for every day of the week.

Posted by Textnet on December 16, 2014:
While working as a court reporter for the last 10 plus years, I continually hear all reasons why a video deposition is unnecessary for an upcoming proceeding, but the two most common most always end up relating to professional relationships, and price.

Myth 1: I don’t want to upset the witness or opposing counsel.

With the switch to the more accurate digital technology over stenography, Textnet has found that within the past 30 plus years of using video-recordings, most witnesses have not expressed being more uncomfortable in front of the video camera than what they’re already feeling in a deposition. If a witness objects to being video recorded, it’s not usually because they didn’t brush their hair that morning, but for the more likely reason that they realize eye rolling will be documented. While the deposition process can be quite daunting in and of itself, let’s face it, the rise of digital uses are just a part of the ever-changing landscape of technology and do not cause more stress or intimidation than the attorney themselves. 🙂

If opposing counsel raises issue with a video deposition, it’s possible they may be averse to technology altogether and misinformed as to the superiority of digital methodology, or attempting to delay the fact-finding process. It’s not like the lawyer is on camera, therefore I am in the dark as to any other reasons why one would object to the video. Ultimately, the video creates the most accurate depiction of what was really spoken (or unspoken, for that matter) and generally helps maintain civility in heated situations.

Myth 2: I don’t want to pay for a video deposition, they’re so overpriced

There is no additional cost to Textnet’s video depositions! Our video record is included within the cost of attendance at no extra charge to attorneys. We do NOT have separate stenographer and videographer fees. We ARE the court reporter AND the videographer all in one highly skilled professional! Our modern and compact video equipment greatly reduces our costs, which are then passed on to customers and their clients. Further, we provide immediate access to the video through our website, which can eliminate the need to ever order a transcript, again saving our customers and their clients’ money.

When you schedule your next proceeding with Textnet, simply make sure you serve a video notice, and we will serve you by bringing our video camera.